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Students walking ourside at Cherry Crest Elementary
Welcome to Cherry Crest!

Proud home of the Chargers! We build community and partnerships at events thoroughout the year.

Students with mini R2-D2
After-School Clubs and Activites

Cherry Crest students have the opportunity to join a variety of after-school clubs and activities sponsored by our Parent, Teacher, Student Association.

Book display at the Cherry Crest Library
Celebrating Diversity!

Through monthly displays and student-led assemblies, we showcase the culture, heritage, and abilities of our school community.

Leading the Way

At Cherry Crest, we affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare all students to become life-long learners through inquiry, collaboration and discovery. Each student will feel a sense of belonging in our community while learning social emotional and academic skills to be successful in an ever-changing and diverse society.

Uniquely Cherry Crest

Cherry Crest is one of sixteen elementary schools in the Bellevue School District. Here are five things that are uniquely Cherry Crest...

students working on the floor
Kindergarteners outside at Cherry Crest Elementary
Running Club Peace Run at Cherry Crest Elementary
Clyde Hill students sitting in a circle
Racial Equity and Inclusion Team at Cherry Crest

Uniquely Cherry Crest

Cherry Crest is one of sixteen elementary schools in the Bellevue School District. Here are five things that are uniquely Cherry Crest...

Sharing Our Stories

Hear from our learning community who share their thoughts on leading, learning and playing at Cherry Crest Elementary School.

Cherry Crest Building Leaders

Cherry Crest is an incredible place of learning for our students. With strong partnerships with our PTSA, staff and students, we feel honored to serve as the administrators at this school and value the relationships that make Cherry Crest such an amazing place to be! We love how committed our educators are and their focus on building social emotional learning skills to focus on the whole child. We so value the strong partnership with families and the desire our students have to be involved as leaders and strong advocates for change.

Mandy Sin

By joining multiple impact teams at this school, I had the hands-on opportunity to contribute to the supportive and welcoming community Cherry Crest is known for. Each impact team operates with openness and responsiveness, welcoming new ideas from both new and returning members. It is clear that Cherry Crest's continual commitment to excellence is a key reason why so many community members cherish Cherry Crest deeply.

Deepa Patten

Watching Kindergarteners use basic programming skills to move robots is an experience that you can only get in the Bellevue School District. The high-quality educational opportunities that our students have access to is only possible through the support of the community. The Bellevue Schools Foundation has been the key community partner to fund educational innovation in a way you can't find anywhere else in the state, so our students learn the skills to be 21st century thinkers starting in preschool.

See 2023-2024 BSF investments at Cherry Crest Elementary School and districtwide.